Technical Expertise and Local Knowledge

The company has a highly experienced E&P team with a strong track record at the most relevant Brazilian onshore and offshore basins as well as ones outside Brazil.

Relevant Transaction Track Record

The company is led by executives with substantial M&A expertise, including in the oil and gas industries, such as Farm-ins and Farm-outs, both in Brazil and internationally, as well as in ANP bidding rounds.

The Right Partner

The company is currently building a diversified portfolio of onshore and shallow water producing assets where value can be added by improving operations, developing reserves and extending economic life.

Highlights of Assets

0 Onshore Fields
0 Drilled Wells
0 Million BBL VOIP
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The Team


Fabiano Ramos

Founding Partner and Executive Director +Info

Fabiano Ramos

Founding Partner and Executive Director

25 years' experience in investment banking (M&A and structured finance, including in O&G), investment management, as well as managing companies;

Fabiano has held executive positions at ING Barings, Merrill Lynch, VOGA;

Independent Board Member of Echoenergia Participações and Atlantic Energias Renováveis;

Partner at Olimpia Partners (financial advisory firm);

BSc. and MBA from Southern Illinois University (USA);


Luis Otávio Oliveira

Senior Geophysicist +Info

Luis Otávio Oliveira

Senior Geophysicist

35 years' work experience, 31 at Petrobras and 4 years as O&G exploration consultant;

At Petrobras, Luis Otavio was the seismic crew manager in the Amazon basin, explorationist/interpreter in a number of Brazilian basins, technical and operational representative in various E&P partnerships in Brazil and technical advisor for E&P joint ventures in Nigeria and Turkey;

BSc in Geology (UFRJ), MSc (UF de Ouro Preto) and PhD (University of London/Royal Holloway College);


Dirceu dos Santos

Petroleum Engineer +Info

Dirceu dos Santos

Petroleum Engineer

25 years' work experience, of which 9 at Petrobras;

Dirceu's activities included onshore drill rig monitoring, reserves calculation, economic assessment, project secondary recovery monitoring, technical and economic feasibility studies for production development projects, reservoir management and preparation of ANP reports, such as discovery / development plans;

Master`s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Federal University of Bahia – UFBA and Electrical engineering by Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG);


Humberto Lima

Senior Geologist +Info

Humberto Lima

Senior Geologist

35 years' work experience, 32 years at Petrobras and 3 years as portfolio manager at HRT;

Experience of operations, interpretation and development projects, including analysis of E&P business opportunities, such as farm-in and farm-out process;

BS in Geology, Federal University of Pará (UFPA), Specialization in Petroleum Exploration Geoscience, SENBA and Universidade Petrobras(UP);


João Françolin

Senior Geologist +Info

João Françolin

Senior Geologist

34 years' work experience, 32 of which at Petrobras and 2 at HRT as asset manager;

At Petrobras, João was manager of geological interpretation in Potiguar Basin, coordinator of surface geochemistry at CENPES and manager of Petrobras' geotectonic network, coordinating projects in international basins operated by Petrobras (Bolivia, Colombia and Iran) and in Brazilian basins (Paraná, São Francisco, Parecis, Recôncavo and Espírito Santo);

BS in Geology (UFPR) and PhD in Earth Sciences (Rennes, France);


Giovanna Siracusa

Financial Manager and IR +Info

Giovanna Siracusa

Financial Manager and IR

6 years' work experience in financial analysis;

Giovanna worked at Barclays Capital as an equity research analyst covering Latin America Utilities and Oil and Gas securities;

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo;


  • Brazil’s Oil & Gas Environment Will Be Dramatically Different

    One of the largest divestment programs in the world that provides attractive risk / return conditions for investors.

    Petrobras, which currently holds more than 70% of Brazil's oil and gas total production, is focusing on deepwater pre-salt fields and divesting from its other E&P assets:

    Onshore and Shallow Water fields that could be divested by Petrobras total more than 250 assets, produce over 300,000 boe/d and hold more than 1 billion BBLs of reserves.

    Changes to industry fundamentals, including reduction of Petrobras’ dominant position in Brazil’s oil & gas upstream, midstream and downstream, favoring private players and reducing systemic risks.

    As ANP stimulates new areas to be explored and Petrobras’ dominance of the O&G market is reduced, exploration activity and discoveries should pick-up.

  • Large E&P Potential Yet To Be Exploited

    Brazil is still underexplored and offers vast E&P opportunities. Only about 6% of the country’s sedimentary basins have been granted for E&P concessions.

    The country has 38 sedimentary basins of which 29 are considered to have potential for oil and gas reservoirs (15 Offshore basins and 14 Onshore basins):

    More than 60% of Brazil’s sedimentary basins are located onshore, mostly unexplored, meaning more than 4 million km² of area.

    ANP's estimates of 16.2 billion barrels of proved oil reserves at the end of 2014 amount to the second-largest level in South America after Venezuela.

    Brazil’s current onshore production is equivalent to approximately 6% of that of neighboring countries despite Brazil's vast land area.



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